The Power of Probiotics

The Power of Probiotics

Living in and on our bodies are trillions of microbes (bacteria really) that affect everything from our digestion to our immunity to our skin. The largest organ of our body, our skin, has its own microbiome—a complex ecosystem that regulates inflammation and acts as the first defense against external pollutants and pathogens. Probiotics* are one of our best allies in supporting our skin’s microbiome, keeping issues like breakouts or dry flaky skin at bay. Discover how Active Treatment Essence, which is packed with beneficial probiotics*, feeds and supports your skin’s microbiome in meaningful ways. 

What Are Probiotics*? 

Probiotics* are microorganisms that mirror the naturally occurring bacteria already present on our skin. They operate the same way they do in our digestive system or mouth, essentially keeping everything in its natural, balanced state. Our bodies and skin know what to do innately, but when forces like processed foods, UV damage, stress or pollution intercede, it can throw things off balance. Probiotics* are a powerful defense against external threats to nurture skin from the inside out. 

How Do Probiotics* Benefit Skin?

Probiotics* are a boon to the skin in many ways. First and foremost, they protect skin from bad bacteria through antimicrobial peptides, natural antibiotics they produce. Think of probiotics* as a gatekeeper for your skin, preventing harmful external bacteria from triggering an immune response from your skin, which could express itself as a breakout, redness or even eczema. At the very same time, probiotics* aid in boosting the skin’s natural defenses against free radicals, sun and pollution, all of which are shown to accelerate the aging process. Probiotics* essentially help to create and maintain a healthy skin barrier

How Active Treatment Essence Delivers Probiotics*

The probiotic* power of Active Treatment Essence comes from our Phyto Ferment™—our proprietary two-week fermentation process that naturally produces this skin-loving bacteria and increases overall nutrient absorption. This is precisely why we take the extra time to add a fermented component to our formula after our 21-day Phyto Radiance Infusion process, meaning every bottle of Active Treatment Essence takes five weeks to formulate. Probiotics* are just one of the many ways Active Treatment Essence helps maintain balance in the skin, along with deep hydration and adaptogens, and this multi-active eliminates the need for an additional probiotic* serum in your routine.

How Active Treatment Essence Supports Your Skin’s Microbiome

As important as introducing beneficial probiotics* is ensuring good bacteria is not being stripped away. This is where the micro-exfoliation of Active Treatment Essence really shines. Gentle exfoliants like lactic acid, a water-soluble and hydrating AHA considered ideal for sensitive skin, and bromelain, a fruit enzyme found in pineapple, remove dead skin cells without damaging the skin barrier or disrupting the delicate balance of bacteria on the skin. In the end, Active Treatment Essence is helping the skin microbiome return to its natural state and the result is healthy, radiant skin.

*The probiotic in this formula is not a live organism and is non-viable.

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