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How do I incorporate Active Botanical Serum into my routine?

Simple. Active Botanical Serum is a face oil that has the multi-correctional activity and performance of a serum. It delivers the skin beautifying nutrition your skin needs—balancing minerals, brightening vitamins, nourishing fatty acids. Because of this, we recommend keeping a simple routine. For am and pm—cleanse, tone (this is important), apply Active Botanical Serum with Push/Press. If needed follow with moisturizer (pm) or sun protection (am.)

What cleanser & toner should I use?

One of the amazing things about Active Botanical Serum is that it allows for a very simply routine. Because it is so active and nutrient-dense, you don’t need much else. We recommend a gentle cleanser followed by a toner. Follow that by applying Active Botanical Serum using Push/Press. If you have dry skin, apply moisturizer last.

Can I use Active Botanical Serum with retinol?

Active Botanical Serum is very supportive of retinoids as both increase cellular turnover. Also, Active Botanical Serum helps mitigate any redness or flaking from retinol. Apply retinoid and then apply Active Botanical Serum. If it feels too aggressive, cut the retinoid back to every other night.

Is Active Botanical Serum safe for pregnancy?

Congratulations! Our founder used Active Botanical Serum throughout two successful pregnancies and breastfeeding. With that said, you should determine your own comfort level and consult your doctor about using essential oils during pregnancy.

Is Active Botanical Serum good for rosacea?

Our formula is incredibly complex and addresses inflammation and balance at a deep level. We receive testimonials daily from women who say that Active Botanical Serum has done for their rosacea what creams and prescription medicine could not.

For sensitive skin?

Active Botanical Serum addresses sensitivity in a number of foundational ways: skin nutrition, balance, redness, discoloration and inflammation. It does this through a unique formulation process that extracts the full spectrum of activity from the world’s most nutrient-dense plants, allowing skin to easily recognize this nutrition as its own.

For dry skin?

Active Botanical Serum addresses skin nutrition from a foundational level to create a balance in your skin that allows it to retain hydration better. It also forms a lipid barrier helping to prevent moisture loss.

Will Active Botanical Serum make my skin sensitive to the sun?

No, it will not. We have taken precautions to create a thoroughly balanced formula that will help protect your skin from environmental stressors including the sun.

Who is not a candidate for Vintner’s Daughter?

Active Botanical Serum is made from high percentage of the most active ingredients in the world. Customers with sensitivities or allergies to any of the ingredients should not use Active Botanical Serum.

Can I use Active Botanical Serum in place of eye cream?

Vintner’s Daughter is effective for the eye area, but precaution must be taken because oil travels. Pat into eye area carefully with pinky finger.

Is Active Botanical Serum a serum or a moisturiser?

Active Botanical Serum is a face oil with the multi-correctional performance and penetrability of a serum.

Is Active Botanical Serum tested on animals?

Active Botanical Serum is vegan and is not tested on animals.

What is Active Botanical Serum’s shelf life and storage?

Once opened, the shelf life is 18 months. Proper storage and care of your Active Botanical Serum includes keeping it away from extreme temperatures (cold or hot) and keeping it out of direct sunlight.


Do you offer samples?

Yes! Please click here.


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