Honoring our first decade in service to your most beautiful skin.

1o down, 1oo to go


In a centuries-old apothecary in Marrakech, April discovers the power of face oil. “I was terrified to put an oil on my blemish-prone skin, but after the first use, I was hooked.”


While pregnant with her first daughter, April realizes many of her ‘luxury’ skincare products are made with .01% active ingredients and synthetic fillers. “I come from Napa Valley, where shortcuts like that are not allowed. I wanted skincare products with that same attention to quality and craftsmanship I learned from Napa Valley winemaking.”


60+ iterations later, Active Botanical Serum launches with an email to 140 of April’s friends, family and acquaintances. “At first, I knew every person who placed an order. Over the coming months, I see more names I don’t know than I do know–word is getting out.”


April’s guest room is ground zero for the business—packing boxes, answering emails, writing notes and rushing to ship orders each day. “I still am grateful to the man who found one day’s shipment on the street and moved it to safety after the trunk of my car opened on the way to UPS.” (April’s second daughter is born!)

Into The Gloss names us “The Face Oil To End All Face Oils” and the website basically shuts down—our first of many sold out moments. CAP Beauty is the first retailer to believe in this crazy single extraordinary product idea. It becomes a top seller overnight. So grateful.


Goop, Violet Grey and Net-A-Porter all stock Vintner’s Daughter and soon after, it becomes their number one seller. “I like to buy jewelry to mark milestones. This is the ring that marked that moment.”

Celebrity makeup artists like Mary Phillips and Alice Lane discover us and tell their “friends.” Tracee Ellis Ross and Gwyneth Paltrow mention us in articles. Awards begin to pile up for Active Botanical Serum which today is the winningest face oil ever. Thank you Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Allure, Oprah, WWD and many others.


We move into our first office in The Presidio, a national park, naturally. April is working on a second complementary, Active Treatment Essence. It turns out to be even more complex to produce, but April refuses to release it before it is perfect.


Active Treatment Essence launches and is the first product to combine hyaluronic, vitamin C, probiotics and micro exfoliators. Incredibly, it takes even longer to make than Active Botanical Serum–five weeks!

We outgrow our first office and move to a gorgeous space next door designed by Chloe Warner and featured in Elle Decor and Domino. Two months later, the office shuts down due to the pandemic. We continue to safely ship to our beloved community. The notes of encouragement and gratitude we receive keep us going.

We release two limited edition collaborations: Our Oolong Radiance Tea Blend and Understory fragrance. Each underscores April’s commitment to craftsmanship and quality in a new and thoughtful sensory way. “They sold out so quickly, I hope we can re-release them again one day.”

Our legacy logo, ‘In Natura Veritas’ (In Nature There Is Truth) is created in partnership with designer Kim Dunham. It appears for the first time on our holiday Limited Edition Active Botanical Serum.

In January, we launch our third product ever, Active Renewal Cleanser, something our community has been asking for for years. The innovative 2-in-1 formula wins several awards including an Oprah O-Ward. Gratitude.

While other companies think in fiscal quarters, we think in decades. 10 years down, 100+ more to go!