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Our powerful results start with three critical factors.
Explore the benefits of Active Botanical Serum below.

  1. skin nutrition

    We begin with 22
    multi-correctional botanicals
    rich in vital skin nutrition. Extracting their full-spectrum of activity using a slow, temperature-controlled process, we preserve 60+ bioavailable nutrients.

  2. optimal ratios

    Our unique extraction process ensures optimal ratios of nutrition are delivered to the skin, including brightening vitamins, balancing minerals, hydrating fatty acids, nourishing aminos, free radical-fighting antioxidants, and supporting phytonutrients.

  3. high-performance delivery system

    Targeted compounds help our small particle size absorb more fully so that all of the beautifying nutrition is delivered where skin recognizes these critical nutritive building blocks as their own.


    Our application method activates your serum for superior performance.

  • Process

    Learn about our methodical, time-honored formulation process.

  • Ingredients

    Explore Active Botanical Serum’s 22 powerful ingredients.