The Ritual & Renewal Set - Vintner's Daughter
Vintner's Daughter - The Ritual & Renewal Set
Vintner's Daughter - The Ritual & Renewal Set

Limited edition
The Ritual & Renewal Set




For a limited time, we have combined our award-winning, multi-beneficial pair with our bespoke tea blend equally rich in restorative botanicals for an effective skin routine that will impart a glow from the inside out. Experience this luxuriously simple, yet powerful limited-edition trio for healthy, balanced, radiant skin and revel in a moment of grounding gratitude and beauty.

Like our skincare, this limited-edition oolong tea blend is rich in healthful botanicals like nettle leaf, alfalfa and spearmint, hand chosen and grown by conscious farmers who focus on quality over quantity. Together, this multi-beneficial trio is a radiant routine to incorporate into your day for a nourished, balanced and brighter complexion.

50ml + 30ml + Tea / $440.00
Tea is a way of connecting to a rich history across time and cultures, as well as connecting to nature in a very visceral way. It is part of my daily practice and I am so happy to share it with you.

April Gargiulo, Founder

Hydration & Moisture - Vintner's Daughter
Hydration & Moisture - Vintner's Daughter

Better together

Hydration & Moisture

Often used interchangeably, hydration and moisture are in fact two distinct needs of all skin. Hydrating the skin means increasing its water content, one of the most basic building blocks of skin cells and a must for a well-functioning, balanced complexion. Moisturizing involves the use of oils to nourish and strengthen the skin’s natural lipid barrier, seal in vital hydration and protect against external aggressors. This need for both water to hydrate and oil to moisturize is the foundation for how Active Treatment Essence and Active Botanical Serum work together to support healthy, naturally radiant skin.

The Beauty In Ritual

Both Vintner’s Daughter Founder April Gargiulo and Tea Huntress Sarah Scarborough believe in the power of plant botanicals to deeply nourish and support the body, mind and spirit. Learn more about creating a mindful tea ritual.

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Vintner's Daughter
Vintner's Daughter