Understory Perfume Oil - Vintner's Daughter
Understory Perfume Oil - Vintner's Daughter
Understory Perfume Oil - Vintner's Daughter

Limited edition
Understory Perfume Oil

Special Note - Due to the popular demand of Understory, perfume oil orders will resume shipping on July 15. Grateful for your support.

Everything we create is in service to the endless elegance and sophistication of nature. Our first perfume oil, Understory, is no exception. Inspired by the harmony of botanical life that lies just beneath a forest’s lush canopy, we imagine a scent that connects you to nature and yourself in both an intimate and powerful way. Timeless floral, nuanced earth, and lush woodland notes come together to create a deeply personal moment that is enhanced through the discreet application onto your pulse points. We are thrilled to welcome this new way to honor and inhabit Mother Nature.

  • Notes of Conifers, Bay, Moss with Jasmine, Violet Leaf and Soft Petals
  • Unisex, hand-blended fragrance is 100% natural
  • Rollerball applicator
  • Crafted from the finest whole plant ingredients in small batches
  • Includes vegan leather drawstring pouch—a carrier/personal token to take with you throughout the day

*This limited edition product is final sale.

Understory isn't about an announcement of fragrance to others, but rather a thoughtful and celebratory moment of connection with oneself and the natural world.

April Gargiulo, Founder

How Fragrance Tells A Story

Like everything we do, there is a deep respect for nature and how she presents herself in the world. This is why fragrance is such a powerful agent for articulating the poetry and power of Mother Earth. Learn more about the evolution of Understory and its connection between our senses and ourselves.

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How Fragrance Tells A Story - Vintner's Daughter
How Fragrance Tells A Story - Vintner's Daughter