Distinguishing Details: Returning Craftsmanship To Skincare

Distinguishing Details: Returning Craftsmanship To Skincare

Craftsmanship is often best appreciated in the details. Look closely at something that has been beautifully made and you are likely to find the very best materials, time-honored techniques, and extra care taken from start to finish. The passion and expertise behind every bottle of Vintner’s Daughter is best reflected in some of the carefully considered details of this work that we joyfully undertake. The work of creating truly exceptional skincare.

The Ingredients, Exquisitely Sourced

An end product is only as extraordinary as the initial materials. We search the world to source the finest whole plants and actives from dozens of conscious growers across more than 20 countries, many of whom have been cultivating these botanicals in the same region for generations. Among the 30+ botanicals in Active Treatment Essence are algae harvested from the coast of Spain and astragalus from China, and the 22 botanicals in Active Botanical Serum include Neroli grown in the hills of Morocco and Rosehip from the high mountains of Chile.

Craftsmanship in winemaking
"Growing up in a winemaking family in Napa Valley taught me how much passion and unwavering commitment it takes to create the finest-quality product—whether it be Cabernet Sauvignon or skincare. Every step in the process must treated as an opportunity to achieve an even higher quality, and shortcuts are not accepted."

Founder, April Gargiulo 

The Techniques, Craftsman In Nature

Today time is valuable beyond measure, but resisting the urge to rush makes room for a modern form of craft. We spend weeks (rather than hours) on our formulations, because that is how long it takes for the skin nutrition available in our ingredients to be slowly extracted and infused into powerful foundational oils through our Phyto Radiance Infusion. No shortcuts are ever taken to hurry this process along, and the transformative benefits are delivered directly to your skin.

The Vessels, Beyond The Ordinary 

Every decision is a chance to elevate our product even further, and our bottles are no exception. Vintner’s Daughter is bottled in dark violet Miron glass. This was chosen because while the sun emits light that enables all plants to grow, it also emits light that accelerates molecular decay. Miron violet glass works like a natural filter that only lets in the sunlight that protects and improves quality, thus lengthening the lifespan and increasing the potency of our products.