Active Treatment Essence Is The Ultimate Multitasker

Active Treatment Essence Is The Ultimate Multitasker

The nutrient-packed “miracle water” is not only a hero hydrator but a masterful performance-driven formula that is eight products in one. Meet this overachieving favorite that replaces a counter of single-note skincare. Read on for the beautiful benefits your complexion receives from this tremendous bottle.

Like Active Botanical Serum and Active Renewal Cleanser, our formula for Active Treatment Essence is defined by multi-beneficial performance. Core to that ethos is our fewer with better philosophy, a belief that if one product delivers many benefits, fewer products are needed, fewer are produced and fewer natural resources are utilized—step inside to discover more about Active Treatment Essence, the ultimate multitasker.

A 35-Day Whole-Plant Process
A powerful formula like this is not built in a day…or a week. Like anything finely crafted, it takes time and thoughtfulness to unearth its full potential. Beginning with nutrient-rich, whole botanicals, our 21-day Phyto Radiance Infusion™ process allows us to slowly extract the full spectrum of nutrition from these incredible plants, which include superfoods like moringa, acerola, astragalus, and ancient healers like nettle, helichrysum and marshmallow. Amplifying the infusion is our proprietary Phyto Ferment™, an additional two-week fermentation process that produces beneficial enzymes that increase nutrient absorption to support skin at a deeper level. This quality-obsessed formulation process means every bottle of Active Treatment Essence is five weeks in the making. It also is what gives Active Treatment Essence its signature kombucha-like scent.

Skincare That Over Delivers
Our hydrating formula is readily absorbed by the skin from three angles. First, we begin with an aqueous base solution that can reach deep within the skin. The Phyto Ferment™ process enhances overall nutrient bioavailability and absorption. Third, our Pat/Press Method™ application evenly saturates skin for radiant results.

The 8-In-1 Wonder
With a multitude of nourishing and renewing ingredients and a formulation that ramps up their performance, Active Treatment Essence is imbued with the benefits of a slew of skincare essentials. The result is a multi-level treatment for your skin. 

1. ULTRA HYDRATOR Micro and mini hyaluronic, aloe vera, coconut water, apple pectin, and lactic acid work together to create multi-level hydration that lasts, resulting in more supple and resilient skin.

2. BRIGHTENING SERUM Ingredients including helichrysum, marshmallow, acerola, niacinamide, and dandelion in Active Treatment Essence. Combined with plant stem cells, they work to even skin tone, imparting a fresher, brighter appearance.

3. SMOOTHING EXFOLIATOR Gentle plant acids and fruit enzymes found in pineapple slough off dead skin to reveal a fresh complexion and spur cellular regeneration–all without irritating sensitive types.

4. CLARIFYING TONER Microalgae and nettle help clarify pores and renew skin while a healthy dose of antioxidants, including a full suite of B vitamins benefit the skin barrier, the complexion’s first line of defense against environmental aggressors.

5. VITAMIN C Unlike most vitamin C found in skincare, our vitamin C is naturally occurring, which means that it maintains its stability in order to profoundly impact collagen production and luminosity.

6. BALANCING PROBIOTIC The unique PhytoFerment™ process produces bacillus ferment or healthy bacteria to help balance and strengthen the skin.

7. SKIN BARRIER Beneficial enzymes, alfalfa, marine microalgae, marjoram, beta-glucan, and niacinamide help to support a resilient skin barrier, resulting in a clearer, fresher-looking complexion.

8. PERFECTLY PREPPED 20+ superfoods help to amplify the efficacy of subsequent products. When the skin is well hydrated, the actives found in all your skincare can more easily flow between the layers of the skin.

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