Frankincense: A Glow-Inducing Balancer

Frankincense: A Glow-Inducing Balancer

Frankincense, derived from the powerful bark of the Boswellia tree, has been prized since ancient times for its healing, regenerating, and even mind-centering properties. Get better acquainted with one of the most beloved ingredients in the skin care universe, and one of the 22 plant actives found in Active Botanical Serum.

Sourced Half A World Away

We source our frankincense from Oman, a country on the southeast corner of the Arabian Peninsula, which provides optimal growing conditions for the Boswellia tree and yields exceptionally fine frankincense resin. The tree itself symbolizes life to people in the region The precious, potent, skin-rejuvenating oil is then extracted from the resin.

Multi-Tasking Miracle Worker

The list of benefits to the skin from frankincense seems to go on and on. It can balance oil production, keep the skin clean and clear thanks to anti-bacterial properties, calm inflammation, and boost microcirculation within the skin. Some studies have even shown it to help speed healing within the skin.

Microcirculatory Wonder

The rare and highly sought-after frankincense oil is especially good at giving lymphatic drainage a boost, prompting an increase of blood flow to the complexion. Increased blood flow is not only a savior for stressed skin, it can add a lit-from-within glow and amplify regeneration within the skin while supporting resiliency.

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