The 21 Day Secret To Radiant Skin

The 21 Day Secret To Radiant Skin

With its old-world reverence for botanicals and unheard of timeline, our 21 day Phyto Radiance Infusion process breaks the beauty mold in pursuit of unrivaled performance and exquisite quality. The time-honored nature of this formulation approach is why every bottle of Active Renewal Cleanser, Active Treatment Essence and Active Botanical Serum takes five and three weeks, respectively, to produce. Discover how this process, which is foundational to all things Vintner’s Daughter, unifies knowledge of the past with innovations of the future to deliver your most balanced, healthy skin. 

The Ingredients: Healing Whole Plants

Ancient apothecaries and healers began with whole plants to treat body and soul. Today, our 21 day Phyto Radiance Infusion process begins in the very same way. To begin the formulations for Active Renewal CleanserActive Treatment Essence and Active Botanical Serum, a select group of 19 nutrient-rich botanicals are carefully chosen for their nutrient density and ability to deliver radiance-inducing results, then sourced as whole plants from conscious growers around the world. 

Active Renewal Cleanser begins with…

Butcher’s broom

Active Treatment Essence begins with…

Green tea
Gotu kola
Maidenhair Tree

Active Botanical Serum begins with…

Lemon Peel

The Time:
21 Extraordinary Days

It was her upbringing in a fine winemaking family, rather than industry norms, that informed our founder, April’s, approach to developing the 21 day, performance-driven process she ultimately dubbed Phyto Radiance Infusion. The ingredients sourced as whole botanicals are left to steep for 21 days, allowing the full-spectrum of their nutrients to be gently and slowly extracted and infused into either an aqueous base, in the case of Active Treatment Essence, or the powerful foundational oils of Active Botanical Serum, or both an aqueous and oil base for Active Renewal Cleanser.

A bottle of wine takes over three years to make, so when we developed our 21 day Phyto Radiance Infusion process to capture  the full spectrum of nutrition from our powerful botanicals, it seemed incredibly fast. We were going to make the finest skincare in the world in just 3 weeks? I thought it was genius. Little did I know that the beauty  industry norm was closer to three hours to make a product, start to finish. An example of naivete working in our favor!”—April Gargiulo, Founder

The Technique: Time-Honored Meets Cutting-Edge

We refuse to rush the natural infusion process, and instead focus on creating the optimal conditions in which it unfolds. Using temperature-controlled environments, meticulously calibrated vitamin and mineral synergies, and the latest developments in natural science, the nutrients extracted from each plant are methodically utilized to deliver extraordinary healing to the skin. In this way, our 21 Day Phyto Radiance Infusion is a process grounded in the past, but very much on the cutting-edge of skincare today.

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