Nature’s Connection

Nature’s Connection

Everything we create begins with nature and ends with an intimate connection to you. One of the most profound ways to share this is through the transcendent gift of smell. It is why we harnessed the beauty of botanicals for a new deeply personal, private encounter. Learn more about the inspiration and craftsmanship behind our latest way we are honoring and inhabiting Mother Nature. 

The Inspiration
Taken from the name given to the symphony of plants that lie beneath a forest’s lush canopy, our limited-edition fragrance oil is called Understory. Like everything we formulate, the fragrance is in service to and inspired by the harmony and elegance of botanical life, connecting one to nature in an intimate and deeply resonant way. Conceived by the incredibly talented independent perfumer, Loreto Remsing, alongside our founder April, Understory underscores their deep and shared respect for the botanical world. They worked toward a fragrance that evoked a magical blooming forest that is lush and dense while still being bright and energizing. With no synthetic scent added, it shares the philosophical foundation of our skincare–unparalleled ingredients cared for in a loving, thoughtful way. 

Natural Notes 
Much like our skincare products, Active Botanical Serum and Active Treatment Essence, Understory Perfume Oil was consciously crafted with olfactory notes such as Redwood Forest Accord (Conifers, Bay, Moss, Violet) and Blue Flag Accord (Jasmin, Violet Leaf, Soft Petals). Like our skincare, the unisex, hand-blended fragrance is 100% natural, and crafted from the finest whole plant ingredients in small batches.

Discreet and nuanced, think of it as a private
moment to revel in beauty rather than
announcing a bouquet to others.

Personal Touch 
Because Understory was developed to create a deeper connection to Mother Nature and oneself through a completely natural fragrance, it was formulated as an oil so that it is even more personal upon application to the pulse points, warming and sinking into the skin versus dispersal into the air. You can keep Understory Perfume Oil close to you in its vegan leather pouch necklace. 

Intimate Intention
Discreet and nuanced, think of it as a private moment to revel in beauty rather than announcing a bouquet to others. "Understory is a thoughtful and celebratory moment with oneself. Our customers have always loved the scent of Active Botanical Serum. So, creating a stand-alone fragrance made from whole-plant botanicals was an instinctive progression and is in keeping with our Fewer, Better sensibility,” says our founder April Gargiulo. 

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