The Bright Side: Your Retinol Questions Answered

The Bright Side: Your Retinol Questions Answered

We are often asked about retinol—does Active Botanical Serum contain it and can it be used alongside our products? Discover the answers and crucial techniques for a complexion that is renewed from the inside out.

The True Nature of Retinol

Retinol, a derivative of Vitamin A, helps hasten cellular turnover in the skin, shortening the time it takes for the skin to renew itself. And while many people are familiar with topical retinol creams, what is less talked about is the fact that our bodies, when supported with the proper nutrients, possess all we need for renewed, radiant skin, all without irritation.

Vitamin A, an ultra-critical vitamin for smooth skin, is readily absorbed by the body and naturally converted into retinol, which is transported to our cells, including the skin. This provides a natural skin cell refresh that brings with it a host of renewing benefits, including helping to build collagen and improve surface discoloration.

Harnessing Natural Rejuvenation

Active Botanical Serum uses powerful, Vitamin A rich botanicals and plant oils to boost skin’s innate renewal rhythm. These are just two of the many powerful ingredients in our formula that deliver Vitamin A.


Rich in the antioxidant Vitamin A (as beta-carotene), it helps to rejuvenate and improve skin’s texture
An abundant source of Vitamin A, it targets oxidative damage, allowing skin to repair and restore itself


Retinol In Your Routine

Active Botanical Serum also works well with topical retinol, which can often come with side effects like redness, flakiness or thinning skin. When used together, Active Botanical Serum helps mitigate those skin concerns by providing nourishing and supportive nutrition.

When layering a topical retinol into your routine, start by applying Active Treatment Essence followed by Active Botanical Serum, and finish with your retinol.

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