Healthy Skin Hero: Your Protective Barrier

Healthy Skin Hero: Your Protective Barrier

No conversation about healthy skin is complete without acknowledging the vital role played by the skin’s protective barrier. Being good to your barrier will not only improve the look and feel of your skin, it will help you get more out of your skincare. Discover some barrier basics, and the unique ways Active Treatment Essence and Active Botanical Serum nurture and nourish this outer layer so you can achieve and maintain a healthy, radiant complexion.

The role of the skin barrier is to keep water in, and unwanted aggressors like pollution and bacteria, out. In order to achieve this watertight layer, the cells of the barrier are glued together by ceramides, a lipid (i.e. fat) molecule naturally produced by the body. Ceramide levels in the skin diminish with time and environmental stressors, and fewer ceramides means a weakened barrier. In addition, the accidental overuse of manual exfoliants and even retinoids can result in a damaged barrier, leading to water loss within the skin. The escape of precious hydration shows up as dryness, irritation, loss of vibrancy and fine lines in the skin. Reestablishing a healthy, intact barrier can prove game-changing for these issues and many more. When used together, Active Treatment Essence and Active Botanical Serum not only help a compromised barrier, they make barrier support part of your daily routine.

Restore Hydration

Skin that experiences water loss due to a damaged barrier can become deeply dehydrated. Active Treatment Essence is the ultimate hydration step, and uses a targeted group of active ingredients such as micro and mini hyaluronic acid and other water-attracting humectants like aloe, glycerin, apple pectin and oat to replenish lost hydration in multiple levels of the skin. The result is an instant plumping and smoothing effect.

Build The Barrier

Attempting to hydrate a damaged barrier is like trying to fill a leaky bucket, so it is important to build it back up. Adding ceramides to your skincare regime not only helps restore the protective barrier, they have also been shown to support natural ceramide production. Active Botanical Serum contains rejuvenating phytoceramides, a plant-based ceramide (phyto meaning “plants”), sourced from a number of key ingredients such as grape seed oil and carrot seed oil, to deeply nourish the barrier and seal in hydration. Our formula also includes omega fatty acids, another barrier hero, and Active Botanical Serum uniquely contains all four omegas—3,6,7, and the rare 9—for maximum restorative benefits.

Gently Renew

Luckily, skin-renewing efforts like exfoliation and retinol do not have to prove hazardous for your skin barrier. Beside hydration, the multi-correctional formula for Active Treatment Essence also contains natural fruit acids and enzymes, which provide a gentle yet effective micro-exfoliation of the skin. This approach is generally kinder to your barrier than most physical exfoliants and doesn’t interfere with the skin’s natural pH levels, another important factor in barrier function. Active Botanical Serum is formulated with botanicals and plant oils rich in vitamin A, which is readily absorbed by the body and naturally converted to retinol, for a renewing boost without the barrier impact.

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