Vitamin Angels: Healthier Outcomes For Mothers and Children

Vitamin Angels: Healthier Outcomes For Mothers and Children

To celebrate Universal Children’s Day, we are proudly joining forces with one of our beloved and long-standing nonprofit partners, Vitamin Angels, to help improve the health of underserved children and pregnant women in the U.S. and around the world. Get to know this extraordinary organization and discover how your conscious choice in skincare allows us to support their incredible work.

We support the true beauty of the mission behind Vitamin Angels. “I truly believe Vitamin Angels came into being to give children and mothers the chance to lead meaningful, healthy, and productive lives,” said its president and founder Howard Schiffer. And since 1994 they have been doing just that, providing life-saving vitamins globally to some of the most vulnerable and often overlooked among us—pregnant women, infants and children living in underserved areas. Their life-saving nutritional interventions and community-based efforts serve some 70 million mothers and children annually in 70 countries, including every U.S. state.

From day one, Vintner’s Daughter has donated 2% of every purchase to charitable organizations and nonprofits dedicated to protecting, educating, and empowering women and children around the world. This year, in honor of Universal Children’s Day, we are joyfully matching donations made to Vitamin Angels up to $10,000 from November 16-20, doubling the impact of every dollar given. It is your conscious decision to invest in products made with a sense of responsibility and respect for each other that made this possible, and we are so grateful to have you here with us.

Inside The Work of Vitamin Angels 

Multiple micronutrient supplements (MMS) is a term many of us have never heard, but this prenatal multivitamin has the power to significantly reduce newborn mortality rates worldwide. By ensuring women can meet the increased nutrient demands of pregnancy, these supplements support healthy pregnancies and positive birth outcomes, especially for those already vulnerable to malnutrition. Vitamin Angels is the driving force behind a global effort to get MMS into the hands of the women who need it most, aiming to scale their prenatal multivitamin program to meet the needs of 50 million women annually by the year 2030.

Children have basic nutrient needs during their first years of life, and among those are certain nutrients not naturally produced by the body, such as vitamin A. Necessary for healthy growth, vitamin A supports a child’s ability to thrive long-term, reducing rates of illness, blindness and mortality. Worldwide, some 150 million children are vitamin A deficient, and vitamin A-rich foods such as leafy greens, carrots or fish are often beyond reach, unaffordable or inaccessible to their families. Vitamin Angels works with local program partners to provide high-dose vitamin A capsules to children in developing countries, an approach that reduces the number of doses needed, as well as vital deworming tablets to combat the parasitic worms that inhibit nutrient absorption and threaten 266 million children worldwide with malnutrition.

Working with community-based program partners, Vitamin Angels provides nutrition education to expectant mothers and families, addressing everything from prenatal diet, breastfeeding, basic nutrition, and much more. This unique combination of nutritional counseling alongside essential vitamins is how Vitamin Angels supports healthier outcomes for women and children today and in the future. And in response to COVID-19, they created the Healthy Futures Initiative to respond to the immediate effects, long-term impacts and increased risk of malnutrition globally due to the pandemic. 

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