A Beautiful, Mindful Tea Ritual

A Beautiful, Mindful Tea Ritual

This simple, stirring act is a different way to reap the benefits of high-potency plants that nourish and support us all. Enjoy anytime as a moment to ground yourself and commune with Mother Nature. 

Tea is a time to reconnect with yourself, to strengthen your awareness and to cultivate moments of stillness and beauty,” says Sarah Scarborough, founder of Tea Huntress. “As a ritual, enjoying potent healing plants can become a daily practice of health, gratitude and radiance!”  In honor of Oolong Radiance Tea Blend, the bespoke blend created with Vintner’s founder April Gargiulo, she is sharing a tea ritual which she describes as “an invitation to slow down, a meditation and an exercise to cleanse your body, mind and spirit.” Whether alone or sharing it with others, the ritual allows you to be in the present while appreciating what has passed. “I love knowing that tea has been appreciated and revered by different cultures around the world, throughout time,” says April. “That continuity gives me deep peace.“ 

What You’ll Need: Oolong Radiance Blend, teapot, tea cup and hot water

Tea Ritual How To

1. Fill your kettle with spring or filtered water and place it over heat.
2. Set a sacred space by laying down a runner, mat or wooden board on the floor or a table.
3. If you like, now is the time to light incense,  a candle and turn on some meditative music. Begin to connect with the space around you and within you.
4. Place a pinch of Vintner’s Daughter Oolong Radiance Bend into your teapot*.
5. Once the water in the kettle is just below a boil, pour about a cup of water over the leaves, inhaling the vibrant and nourishing scents in the blend.
6. Allow the leaves to steep for a few minutes while you drop into a deeper awareness of self and a greater sense of peace.
7. Pour the liquid into your cup or cups if you are also serving friends.
8. Slowly sip the tea, allowing the warmth to circulate throughout your body and to open your heart. Take notice of the way the medicine in the leaves affects your body and spirit.
9. Pour additional cups and resteep as you like.
10. Give thanks to Mother Earth for providing this medicine, to those who lovingly farmed the leaves and to yourself for taking the time to connect to your Highest Self.

*I teach intuitive steeping so although I provide exact measurements on our tea packaging (1 teaspoon per 8 ounces,) I recommend a pinch or two during a ritual so you feel empowered not to rely on tools.

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