How To Apply Your Skincare For Maximum Radiance

How To Apply Your Skincare For Maximum Radiance

A meticulously formulated product deserves an equally thoughtful application. Are you using our signature Push/Press Method™?

Our application methods were developed in conjunction with the formulas for Active Renewal Cleanser, Active Treatment Essence and Active Botanical Serum to ensure you get the most out of your products. Your skin will respond beautifully to these techniques, carefully tailored to each product's unique qualities and their place in your routine. 

Order of Application

Start with our Active Renewal Cleanser to remove any sunscreen or makeup and invigorate the skin. Next, apply the hydrating Active Treatment Essence to accept actives more deeply and keep the effects of hydrated skin at bay, warding off excess oil and clogged pores. Follow Essence with the moisturizing Active Botanical Serum, our performance-driven face oil that nourishes and soothes the skin while strengthening the lipid barrier. By finishing with a fatty acid-rich moisture step like Active Botanical Serum, you lock in vital, balancing hydration.

The Ultimate Set - Vintner's Daughter


This two-in-one cleanse was developed as the perfect foundation for the rest of your skin care routine. For best results, we recommend using it as your first step morning and evening.

  • 1. DISPENSE 2-3 pumps of cleanser into damp hands.
  • 2. ACTIVATE by rubbing your hands together.
  • 3. MASSAGE your face in a circular motion for 30-60 seconds to create a gentle foaming action.
  • 4. RINSE thoroughly with cool water.

Now that your skin is invigorated and pH-balanced, you are perfectly prepped for next steps. 



This ultimate multitasker delivers full-spectrum plant nutrition in a single spray. We created the Push/Press Method™, along with our spray cap applicator, to align with how the skin best absorbs water-based formulas.

  • 1. SPRAY 5-7 times directly onto your face, neck and chest. (You may also spray into your hands before applying.)
  • 2. PUSH/PRESS with hands. For 30-60 seconds, firmly push and press with your hands to create a pump-like action. This technique helps enhance collagen production, absorption and radiance.
  • 3. SEAL in the hydration by following this step with Active Botanical Serum.

This water-based step allows you to achieve abundant hydration–but hydration and moisture are two different and equally vital things. To seal your routine for maximum results, we recommend one third and final step.



Active Botanical Serum is the most awarded face oil ever. Naturally, we never want to waste a drop. The highly concentrated formula is the ideal final step to any skin care routine. 

  • 1. PREP your skin by using Active Treatment Essence directly beforehand.
  • 2. DISPENSE 5-6 drops of Active Botanical Serum in the palm of your hand
  • 3. ACTIVATE by quickly rubbing palms together.
  • 4. PUSH/PRESS for 30-60 seconds. Apply serum to your face, neck and chest by firmly pushing and pressing with hands to create the same pump-like action deployed while using Essence. Similar to a massage, the Push/Press Method™ will enhance circulation to further boost your natural glow.

Once you have completed the full routine with these methods, you can rest assured you will experience optimal performance. 

Need an application tutorial? Watch our founder, April, apply our products using the signature application methods.


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