Terroir Comes To Skincare

Terroir Comes To Skincare

To create the best of anything, you must start by sourcing the very finest quality ingredients and raw materials. At Vintner’s Daughter, we approach ingredient sourcing through the lens of terroir, a concept deeply ingrained in our founder’s fine winemaking roots and defined as, “the combination of factors including soil, climate, and sunlight that gives wine grapes their distinctive character.” Uncovering where dozens of ingredients are optimally produced is no easy feat, but the benefits this unique approach offer to the skin are overwhelmingly worthwhile.

Terroir is an almost mythic, but very real concept in which all the environmental factors associated with growing crops in a specific region not only create an optimal environment for the plants to thrive, but impart a distinct character that nowhere else in the world can replicate. Perhaps you prefer wines from Bordeaux, France, because of the notably complex taste the dry soil imparts to wines grown in that region. Maybe you prefer to use a Neroli essential oil from that trip you took to Marrakech because you swear you can smell the local Seville oranges in the intoxicating scent. When ingredient standards are noticeably elevated, the change in quality is often immediately apparent.  

We interpret terroir in our own way, allowing the principle to help guide a meticulous ingredient sourcing process that focuses on the health and efficacy of each botanical. It took years of searching the globe to find our incomparable growers, many of whom had been quietly perfecting their craft season after season, and sometimes, generation after generation. These are individuals with a deep and beautifully nuanced understanding of, and respect for, the crops they passionately produce. They wait patiently for the familiar signs that tell them the optimal time to harvest has arrived, when the plant’s healing and nourishing properties are at their absolute peak.  

It comes to us fragrant and packed with rejuvenating properties thanks to the region’s well-drained soil and warm, sunny summers.

This area is known for its warm, humid microclimate, which are the optimal growing conditions in which this delicate citrus plant thrives.

This Mediterranean tree has grown along the coastal regions of Spain for centuries, producing a leaf oil that calms and is naturally antimicrobial.

Offering potent cellular detoxification to nourish and soothe troubled skin, this plant thrives in the temperate climate of our home state.

This country on the southeast corner of the Arabian Peninsula offers optimal growing conditions for the Boswellia tree, whose resin this potent, healing oil is extracted from.

The harsh growing conditions of this region produce rosehips that are exceptionally rich in free-radical fighting antioxidants.

The care taken in sourcing these lovingly-grown ingredients is why we honor them, and their producers, through every stage of the formulation process. Not only does our three-week Phyto Radiance Infusion ensure the full spectrum of nourishment and healing is harnessed from these exceptional botanicals, we make sure no part of the plant is ever wasted and all excess materials are composted. It is a small but meaningful gesture of gratitude to these plants that offer up their incredible, multi-active benefits to the skin. This firm rooting in the principles of terroir represents a singularly uncompromising approach to skincare, and the healthful radiance that Active Renewal CleanserActive Treatment Essence and Active Botanical Serum offer is the result.

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