The Flowers That Work Wonders For Your Skin

The Flowers That Work Wonders For Your Skin

The use of flowers to heal and nourish the skin dates back to ancient times. And despite their delicate appearance, blooms are one of our most powerful, natural allies in the pursuit of a healthy, balanced, altogether radiant complexion. Amidst the abundance of nature are extraordinary flowers worth getting to know, each of which was singled out for use in the formulas for Active Treatment Essence and Active Botanical Serum. From blooms with natural anti-inflammatory properties to calm, to those that hasten renewal within the skin, these are ingredients that define flower power. 

Active Treatment Essence

Among the 30+ botanicals used in this deeply hydrating formula are some truly uncommon blooms that support radiance and renewal in all skin.

To Renew
This incredible flower helps revitalize the skin’s own renewal cycle that naturally intensifies during the night. It has also been shown to help calm reactive skin as it hydrates. 

To Hydrate
Healing, hydrating and restorative, this bloom has been used medicinally for centuries for its ability to repair compromised complexions. Hardy and able to survive in both drought conditions and poor soil, this flower's incredible natural defenses are a boon for skin. 

To Soothe
A natural anti-inflammatory, this flower, which we source and use whole, can help with irritated skin and supports healing, thanks to its unique, regenerative properties. It also has antioxidant benefits to shield skin from oxidative stress. 

To Balance
This beautifully fragrant bloom offers the skin natural calming and hydrating benefits, along with antibacterial properties, which are especially helpful for blemish-prone complexions.  

Active Botanical Serum

Formulated with 22 of the world’s most nutrient-rich botanicals, our face oil features flowers used since ancient times to deliver nourishing and restorative moisture.

To Revitalize
The marigold flower has been a coveted skin-healer for centuries thanks to its powers of renewal and abundant antioxidant protection, both of which work to improve the overall appearance of skin.  

To Nourish
This flower’s oil uniquely restores the look of compromised skin while also supporting elasticity and nourishing the skin’s protective moisture barrier to help combat dryness.

To Soothe
With anti-inflammatory benefits, the oil from this flower contains an omega 6 fatty acid unique to plant oils, and is especially beneficial for balancing hormonal skin.

To Protect
This ancient healer has natural anti-inflammatory properties to ease redness and irritation, antiseptic properties for clarity, antioxidants and helps reinforce the skin barrier.

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