The Essential Oils That Feed Your Glow

The Essential Oils That Feed Your Glow

The healing properties of essential oils have made them a skincare mainstay dating back centuries. These plant-based wonders contain compounds that naturally benefit the skin in a number of ways, from helping to regulate hormonal skin, ridding the complexion of blemish-causing bacteria to unique calming properties. For the meticulously formulated Active Botanical Serum, we turned to a group of botanical and essential oils of the highest-grade to amplify performance. Find out which essential oils met our uncompromising standards and the unique ways these carefully chosen oils contribute to a lit-from-within glow.

What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are highly concentrated compounds, extracted from flowers, bark, or even roots,  depending on the plant. In the case of rose for instance, one of the most ancient and coveted essential oils, the petal is where most of the plant’s essential oil is found, but only in very small amounts. It can take over 50,000 roses to produce a single ounce of this incredible oil. Frankincense oil begins with the bark of the Boswellia tree, and is made from the resin the tree produces.

How Essential Oils Benefit Skin

You can think of essential oils as powerful distillations of a plant’s unique healing properties, whether those be anti-inflammatory, circulatory boosting or antimicrobial. Because these oils are readily absorbed by the skin, they can be especially impactful in providing support to the complexion. But the quality and purity of the essential oils used, as well as the level of expertise when blending, are all crucial, to both avoid irritation and ensure your skin receives all the benefits these oils have to offer.   

The Essential Oils in Active Botanical Serum

There are an abundance of essential oils in the world to choose from, and each carefully selected essential oil used in the formula of Active Botanical Serum was chosen for the remarkable, often time-honored, benefits it offers skin. Nothing is ever added to our formulas for fragrance alone, and that applies to our essential oils as well. That being said, these oils do contribute to Active Botanical Serum’s distinct, natural scent, which recalls a dense, blooming forest, and makes application a wonderfully aromatic experience.

The formula for Active Botanical Serum begins with the world’s most nutrient-dense whole botanicals, which are left to infuse their skin nutrition into our powerful foundational oils for 21 days, a process known as Phyto Radiance Infusion. These foundational oils, which include grape seed and hazelnut, act as carriers for our essential oils to facilitate and enhance overall absorption into the skin. Together, our essential oils form a blend of the highest-grade oils available, each used in perfectly calibrated percentages. Discover the essential oils chosen for Active Botanical Serum, and learn about the skin-beautifying benefits each contributes to our game-changing formula.

Used since the days of Cleopatra for its natural anti-inflammatory properties that ease redness and soothe irritated skin, rose oil also has antiseptic properties which help maintain a clear complexion. With beneficial vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, rose oil has also been shown to help reinforce the skin barrier with the kind of nourishing moisture dry skin often lacks.

Once burned in the temples of ancient Greece, this rare and highly sought-after oil has anti-inflammatory properties and aromatic benefits which helps support and bolster microcirculation and stimulate blood flow to the complexion, making it a savior for stressed skin.

This antibacterial oil, made from the leaves of the cypress tree, supports the circulatory system, helping regulate proper blood flow, clarify skin and reduce redness. Cypress also has a history of use dating back to ancient times for its ability to soothe irritated skin.

A revered aromatic, neroli has been prescribed for thousands of years for both healthy skin as well as spiritual health. This oil, which comes from the flowers of bitter oranges, has a powerful soothing impact on skin and can help reduce irritation.

A rare and highly sought-after medicinal oil that comes from the plant’s white flowers, jasmine uniquely restores and revitalizes compromised or damaged skin while also fortifying the skin’s protective moisture barrier.

Lauded since ancient times for its antioxidant properties, bergamot helps to brighten, calm and balance sensitive and irritated skin. Its natural antibacterial abilities also help to clarify blemish-prone complexions.

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