A New Winter Glow

A New Winter Glow

The colder months of the year don’t have to include a complexion prone to dryness, flakiness and sensitivity. The key to a winter glow lies in bolstering skin with abundant hydration, deeply nourishing moisture, some gentle renewal and a bit of barrier support. The perfectly calibrated formulas for Active Treatment Essence and Active Botanical Serum we created to span the seasons and provide everything your skin needs for year-round radiance. Discover what all complexions crave when the days are especially brisk, and how our powerhouse duo deliver for skin.

Winter And Your Skin

When faced with cold air outside, followed by heated air inside, our skin struggles to adapt and remain balanced. Add to this a lack of humidity and you have a perfect storm of dehydration and diminished barrier function. For radiant winter skin, embrace these four key aspects of skincare, all enduring elements in our two-step routine.

Restore Lost Hydration

Water loss in the skin is common in winter, as are the telltale signs of dehydrated skin: dullness, itching and irritation. Hydration, no matter the season, is vital for healthy, well-functioning skin. When used after cleansing, the aqueous formula of Active Treatment Essence floods the layers of the skin with quenching hydration. Ingredients like micro and mini hyaluronic acid draw water to both the surface layers, for an instant plumping effect, but also to the underlying layers for a deep hydration. Natural humectants including aloe vera and apple pectin, along with coconut water and plant stem cells help skin maintain proper water content, even in the face of cold conditions.

Only Gentle Exfoliation

Regular exfoliation to remove dead skin cells from the surface layers of skin is vital throughout the year, and not a step you should skip in winter. Beyond refreshing and renewing the complexion, exfoliation clears the way for hydration and active ingredients to more effectively and efficiently absorb into the many layers of the dermis. But overly harsh methods can deplete, or even damage, the already delicate skin barrier. Active Treatment Essence leverages natural sources of micro-exfoliation, a combination of plant acids and enzymes—phytic and lactic acid among them—and fermentation, to revitalize skin and without causing irritation. With an exfoliant gentle enough for twice daily use, even for sensitive skin, dullness and flaking are a thing of the past.

Layer On Nourishing Moisture

A nourishing oil to moisturize dry skin and seal in hydration is high on the complexion’s list of winter needs, and Active Botanical Serum is the face oil behind many a glow. But our botanical-powered formula goes a step further, soothing and balancing compromised complexions to eliminate redness, and protect the skin with free-radical fighting antioxidants. A potent blend of ingredients such as fatty-acid-rich rosehip, balancing evening primrose, and anti-inflammatory neroli, are paired with moisturizers like avocado—packed with antioxidants, ceramides and vitamins A, D, and E—to calm and deeply feed parched skin.

Use Lipids For Barrier Building

Maintaining a strong skin barrier throughout the season is key for preventing hydration-loss. The cells of this water-tight layer are glued together by ceramides, a lipid (i.e. fat) molecule naturally produced by the body. Active Botanical Serum delivers critical phytoceramides—a plant-based ceramide—to support and strengthen the barrier and maintain healthy hydration levels. Omega fatty acids also serve to build up the skin barrier, and Active Botanical Serum uniquely contains all four omegas—3,6,7, and the rare 9—in optimal ratios so your complexion can reap all their restorative benefits, no matter what the temperature outside reads.

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