The Essential Minerals For Skin Health

The Essential Minerals For Skin Health

When it comes to skin health, vitamins often dominate the nutrient spotlight, making it easy to forget the vital role minerals play. But simply put, nothing works without minerals. Get a primer on the minerals that matter most, and discover why they hold the key to a stronger, more balanced complexion.

As nutrients go, minerals are the unsung heroes. A deep dive into skin nutrition reveals not only a fascinating number of minerals utilized by our complexions, including key players like zinc, copper and selenium, but a series of nutrient synergies that work in tandem to keep our skin functioning well. Vitamins and minerals are so deeply synergistic that in the absence of minerals, vitamins serve almost no function. Protecting these synergies is why we developed our whole plant Phyto Radiance Infusion process, ensuring Active Treatment Essence and Active Botanical Serum contain all the essential nutrients for optimum skin health.

How Minerals Support Healthy Skin

Minerals play an essential role in every key function in the body, including our skin’s ability to go about its daily work of protection and renewal. From maintaining hydration to promoting collagen and fighting blemishes, there’s little that minerals don’t do, including encouraging other nutrients to absorb and work more effectively.

Key Minerals In Active Treatment Essence & Active Botanical Serum

Adding minerals to your daily skincare routine is a boon for overall skin health. Our formulas include the minerals most essential to skin and ensure those nutrients get where they can be most effective, thanks to an aqueous base in the case of Active Treatment Essence, and the low molecular weight and small particle size of the formula for Active Botanical Serum. Here, get to know the mighty minerals found in every drop to Active Treatment Essence and Active Botanical Serum.

Helps regulate sebum for proper moisture balance

Needed to help maintain collagen, imparting vibrancy and firming

Important for skin health and maintaining a glow

Helps maintain proper hydration and ease dryness, irritation and redness 

An soothing antioxidant that keeps skin healthy and resilient

Essential for maintaining proper skin health

Vital for maintaining cellular water levels to keep skin hydrated

An antioxidant that calms signs of redness and irritation

Strengthens the skin and supports hydration and elasticity

Helps calm irritation and curb excess oil in the skin

Protecting Vital Nutrient Synergies

Nothing in the body works in isolation, and nutrients are often found working in pairs. For example, the mineral zinc and vitamin C together exhibit antimicrobial properties, which help to clear the bacteria that causes acne. However, proper skin nutrition isn’t as simple as ensuring that all the essential minerals and vitamins are present and accounted for. As in life, too much of a good thing can throw things off balance. Our three week Phyto Radiance Infusion not only harnesses the full spectrum of nutrients available in our botanicals, but captures that nutrition in optimal ratios to maximize their efficacy and bioavailability to the skin. It’s a carefully calibrated and meticulously balanced process, and the complexion reaps all the benefits. With Active Treatment Essence and Active Botanical Serum, you can be confident that your skin is receiving all the nutrients, including an abundance of minerals, it needs for a healthy, glowing radiance.