Microcirculation: The Key To Glowing Skin

Microcirculation: The Key To Glowing Skin

For naturally glowing skin, you have to get things moving beneath the surface. Using powerful botanicals that have been shown to aid in microcirculation, encouraging healthy blood flow in the skin and underlying fascia, and a unique application method, Active Botanical Serum delivers lit-from-within radiance.

Why Microcirculation Matters

Microcirculation, the flow of blood through small vessels beneath the skin, delivers nutrients and oxygen to cells and supports lymphatic drainage, which detoxifies skin of unwanted materials like free radicals. Poor microcirculation leads to a congested lymphatic system, and toxins are instead expelled through the skin, leading to inflammation, acne, dryness, and fine lines. With good microcirculation and a well-functioning lymph, skin looks refreshed thanks to healthy blood flow and purification.

The Ingredients With Impact

Active Botanical Serum was formulated to accelerate the body’s own microcirculation and lymph through a strategic synergy between two key ingredients: frankincense and cypress.

FRANKINCENSEBoswellia carerii oil, Oman
With anti-inflammatory properties and aromatic benefits, this rare and highly sought-after oil helps increase microcirculation and stimulate blood flow to the complexion, making it a savior for stressed skin.

CYPRESSCupressus sempervirens leaf oil, Spain
This antibacterial oil supports the circulatory system by prompting a contraction of overly expanded or congested small blood vessels, helping regulate proper blood flow and clarifying skin.

How To Help Circulation Along

Our Push/Press Method not only helps activate and evenly distribute Active Botanical Serum, similar to a massage it stimulates blood flow and increases microcirculation. Every time you firmly push and press into your skin you are creating a pump-like action that increases circulation. You can also try gently pushing your index finger into the lymph node behind your ears to help stimulate detoxification and lymphatic drainage.

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