Addressing Discoloration Active Treatment Essence

A Brighter Side: Addressing Dark Spots and Pigmentation

If you feel your complexion is in need of brightening, you are not alone. Addressing areas of discoloration on the skin is one of the most common concerns we hear. Learn how the unique formulation of Active Treatment Essence delivers brightening alongside hydration, micro-exfoliation and more, to leave skin luminous and more even-toned.

What To Know

Areas of hyperpigmentation are generally harmless deposits of excess melanin in the skin, making them appear darker than the rest of the complexion. Dark spots can be caused by a number of things, but some of the most common factors include sun damage, areas of inflammation and blemishes.

How To Treat

Addressing skin discoloration is just one of the multi-faceted benefits that Active Treatment Essence delivers, thanks to a targeted group of ingredients that work to remove compromised skin cells and address uneven skin tone, so over time a revived, more even-toned complexion emerges.

Lactic acid, a sensitive skin hero, and phytic acid, found in seeds, both provide a gentle micro-exfoliation to lessen the appearance of acne scars and other discoloration without causing irritation. The fruit enzyme bromelian, found naturally in pineapple, sloughs off dead skin cells, while papain, an enzyme derived from papaya, adds additional exfoliation to revitalize the complexion.  

Our stabilized vitamin C, the ultimate brightener and antioxidant, originates in ingredients such as acerola and Kakadu plum, two fruits that contain some of the highest concentrations of vitamin C in the world. Plus, our formulation includes niacinamide, a multi-tasking form of vitamin B3, which evens out skin tone while boosting radiance.

Highly nutritious botanicals like helichrysum, moringa and dandelion have been shown to mitigate the impact of sun damage on the skin and can help to lighten the appearance of dark spots. The soothing qualities of marshmallow root are highly effective for revitalizing skin tone, and licorice root, which contains a compound that inhibits tyrosinase, the enzyme that causes discoloration as a response to sun exposure, is another natural brightener.

Like human stem cells, these undifferentiated cells derived from plants can become specialized to promote cellular renewal, for a skin refresh from the inside out. Our three different plant stem cell compounds work together to not only deliver powerful brightening activity, but also support natural collagen retention and production.

Ways To Prevent

Ultimately, post-breakout discoloration is best prevented by helping to stop blemishes from occurring in the first place. Well-hydrated, resilient skin is less prone to blemishes, which excess oil production from dehydration in the skin can trigger. Active Treatment Essence is formulated to be the ultimate hydration step. Add to that the formula’s antioxidants, which defend the skin against free-radical damage and environmental aggressors like UV, and fortifying ingredients like beneficial enzymes, alfalfa, marine algae and a full-suite of B vitamins, and you have a product that not only helps you address existing discoloration, but beautifully optimizes your skin's natural defenses against future discoloration. 

*The probiotic in this formula is not a live organism and is non-viable.

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