The Making Of A Legacy Logo

The Making Of A Legacy Logo

To commemorate our 10-year anniversary in 2023, we wanted to create a tangible, grounded reminder of our deep respect and love for the gifts that nature gives us. Enter our new legacy logo, In Natura Veritas (In Nature There is Truth). As our founder April Gargiulo succinctly puts it, “It is a powerful symbol of our deep respect for the botanical world and all that it has allowed us to do until now and all that will come in our future” 

Learn more about the origins, artistry and delicate design that graces our remarkable Limited-Edition Active Botanical Serum. 

The Origins 
The design inspiration starts where everything starts for us. Sourcing the finest plant ingredients and allowing them to flourish through a slow, thoughtful approach. It is a tradition we adopted from old-world artisans like fine winemakers, where our founder, April Gargiulo, translated the standards of quality, craftsmanship and efficacy to category-defining skincare. It needed to be illustrative of an enduring heritage and represent our devotion to caring for things lovingly and patiently always. Why a crest or intaglio? “It has the weight and permanence and tells a story visually and would ground our mission for the next decade of our growth and evolution,” explains April. “We wanted it to feel both very modern and ancient and tell the story of our celebration of and respect for the power and beauty of nature,” she says. 

The Artist 
NYC artist and jewelry designer Kim Dunham was quickly shortlisted as the artist to help us bring the insignia to life given the shared appreciation of heritage, craftsmanship and quality. “I knew she would be the one to tell our story in a time-honored and beautiful way,” says April. “She is an incredible storyteller and could evoke the beauty and sophistication of our mission.” For Dunham, the process echoed how she works with her bespoke jewelry clients. “Most of my work is custom and the process begins with me getting to know you better and creating a unique set of symbols based on your narrative,” the artist explains. 

A synergy quickly emerged between the two as they envisioned the final design. “April and I both appreciate the slow-design movement and making sure what we create is done with consideration and authenticity,” says Dunham. The conversation centered around Dunham’s crest designs with April seeing the final piece being used as a wax seal. Similar to a coat of arms, each element was chosen carefully to symbolize Vintner’s Daughter's mission and the foundational ingredients. “It’s equally important that the final image not only be visually strong and look pleasing but hold deep meaning in each of its components,” says Dunham.

We wanted it to feel both very modern and ancient and tell the story of our celebration of and respect for the power and beauty of nature.

The Design
In the end, Dunham made the logo mark in a classical Italian style, a nod to April’s heritage. The company motto was added at the top, In Natura Veritas or In Nature There is Truth. The final design is a “‘crest”, formed by an hourglass with radiating light and a scallop shell representing a journey, time, protection, hope, joy and gratitude. The “supporters” and “mantle” are represented with images of three ancient plants (dandelion, alfalfa and nettle) used in Active Botanical Serum and Active Treatment Essence and symbolizing the power of botanicals. 

Dunham also added symbols to articulate the brand’s commitment to giving back. “The bees were added to represent community service, teamwork and a collective consciousness,” says Dunham. The moon and the stars represent time but also life, feminine energy, intention, excellence and illumination. “Vintner’s Daughter’s story is uniquely beautiful in the modern-day world of skincare,” says Dunham. “It was an honor to work on creating a design that embodies the brand’s commitment to that mission.” 

The Enduring Legacy
It was an easy decision to launch the reflective logo on the bottle our customers look forward to each year, the  Limited Edition Active Botanical Serum. But April says it will not disappear after the bottles sell out. “This is something we are very excited to bring to life at special moments in our brand history. It will not be the last time you see it,” says April. 

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