How To Support Blemish-Prone Skin

How To Support Blemish-Prone Skin

Far from an issue relegated to our teenage years, blemishes and breakouts, and the marks they leave behind, can persist throughout our lives, especially for women. Anyone who is dealing with the stresses of everyday life, navigating a shift in hormone levels (hello all women), or using a few too many products at once has faced flare-ups. Learn why Active Treatment Essence and Active Botanical Serum are fast becoming go-to products for the breakout-prone, helping to treat, soothe and even stop some flare-ups from occurring, not to mention hasten the fading of those pesky marks left behind.

Eliminate Potential Causes

Hormonal changes are one of the main drivers of adult acne and can easily kick oil glands into high gear. But hormones are not the only culprit behind excess oil in the skin. In the absence of proper hydration (i.e. water content in the skin) the body compensates by producing additional oil, clogging pores and making an already difficult situation worse. It’s no wonder that severely dehydrated skin is often mistakenly pegged as oily. Studies show that well-hydrated skin is more resilient and less prone to breakouts, which is why Active Treatment Essence was formulated to be the ultimate hydration step. Delivering two different sizes of ultra-hydrating hyaluronic acid, aloe and apple pectin to immediately replenish lost hydration, Active Treatment Essence goes a step further, using strengthening ingredients like probiotics, alfalfa, marine algae and a full-suite of B vitamins including niacinamide to support the skin barrier and ensure hydration is retained. A strong, intact barrier is key to breaking the cycle of dehydration and inflammation since a damaged barrier functions like a leaky bucket, allowing water to evaporate away despite your best efforts to rehydrate. This is where your next step, Active Botanical Serum, comes in. With hydration restored by Active Treatment Essence, the oil-based formula of Active Botanical Serum effectively seals hydration into skin and layers on barrier-supporting phytoceramides, a plant-based ceramide (phyto meaning “plants”), sourced from ingredients like grape seed and carrot seed oil, and omega fatty acids to deeply nourish and support the skin’s first line of defense.

My adult acne has cleared up, my dark spots are lightening, my pores appear smaller and my skin tone has a beautiful luminous matte finish without makeup! I am extremely impressed and have since stopped using my other products, even my nighttime moisturizer. I never want to be without these two miracle products.—Samantha

Add Powerful, Natural Defenses

Natural ingredients have long been used to reduce irritation and redness in the skin, lending a hand in the effort to control breakouts before they occur. The game-changing formula for Active Botanical Serum includes botanicals like rosemary, which has antimicrobial properties that combat harmful bacteria, as well as lavender, tamanu and frankincense oil, which soothe compromised skin and offer additional antibacterial and antiseptic benefits to help clarify the complexion. Hazelnut oil, another one of our formula’s potent foundation oils, is rich in linoleic acid and tannins, making it a natural, alcohol-free astringent to keep pores clear, combat bacteria and prevent breakouts. Added to these are ancient healers like evening primrose, calendula, dandelion and alfalfa, which ease irritation and restore balance, which is especially beneficial for hormonal skin.

I was fighting acne for the last year and my sister came home for Christmas and had me try her Vintner’s Daughter. The next morning my skin was glowing and I had zero new acne bumps. I used her Active Botanical Serum until I got my own and I haven’t gotten a new breakout since. I’m hooked and so amazed at the results.— Daisy

Fade Acne Scars Faster

The rate of collagen production and cellular turnover in the skin both slow as we get older, which explains why marks and scarring, evidence of breakouts long since past, seem to linger endlessly. Regular, gentle exfoliation refreshes skin on the surface layers, keeps pores nice and clear by removing dead skin cells, and helps to fade existing spots from the inside out by encouraging cellular turnover. Active Treatment Essence was formulated using natural, micro-exfoliating acids and enzymes such as lactic acid, a sensitive skin hero, and phytic acid, found naturally in seeds, which has been shown to specifically target the root causes of skin congestion while lessening the appearance of acne scars. Added to this are known collagen-helpers like stabilized vitamin C, and plant stem cells that can have a positive impact on the skin-repairing and renewing process at the cellular level, especially when used daily.

Layering the right nourishing ingredients into your routine can also work wonders to naturally fade spots faster. Among the 22 nutrient-dense botanical ingredients in Active Botanical Serum are heroes like lemon and bergamot peel oil, shown to inhibit melanin production and brighten skin. Rosehip and carrot seed oil, natural anti-inflammatories high in antioxidants, deliver vitamin A (as beta carotene), which is converted to renewing retinol in the body, while nutrients like silica, a critical mineral required for collagen production, help to restore a more even skin tone and revitalize the complexion.

I’ve used every oil (I mean every oil) and my skin hated it all, then your Serum just photoshopped my blemishes away.—Leslie 

Less Steps For Fewer Breakouts

Top dermatologists and aestheticians agree that using too many, and too aggressive, products simultaneously can perpetuate the issue of breakouts and blemishes. Not all actives jive well. A simpler, ‘less is more’ approach to skincare can translate to one that is more supportive of clear and calm skin. This was the aim of our founder, who herself had gone down the road of piling on product after product, only to have her own skin issues, including frequent breakouts, persist for years. Active Treatment Essence and Active Botanical Serum where specifically formulated to be the perfect two-step skincare routine, together delivering everything your skin needs, from multi-level hydration to nutrients supportive of healthy function, to keep all skin, including those complexions prone to blemishes, balanced, bright and radiant.

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