Feed Your Glow: All About Face Oil

Feed Your Glow: All About Face Oil

Face oils are not only one of the most ancient forms of skincare, they are key to achieving a healthy glow. Offering nourishing moisture and the ability to lock in hydration, the right blend of oils can benefit all skin types, even oily complexions. But questions remain about whether using a face oil will lead to breakouts and where they fit in a daily routine. Explore the myriad benefits this essential moisture step can uniquely offer the skin and why our beloved, award-winning face oil, Active Botanical Serum, has been called “the face oil to end all face oils.”

Face oils moisturize and lock in hydration

Hydration and moisture are distinct needs of the skin, and the ideal routine treats them as such. Whereas hydration increases the water content in skin cells, moisturizing involves the use of oils to nourish the skin and its outermost layer, the protective skin barrier, to seal in hydration and keep irritants out. We designed our two-step routine to meet the skin’s need for both hydration and moisture. It begins with the deeply hydrating Active Treatment Essence, applied to freshly cleansed skin, followed by the nourishing moisture of Active Botanical Serum, our game-changing face oil. Because face oils act as your last layer to lock in hydration, they should be the final step in your daily skincare regime, with the exception of sunscreen of course.

The difference between creams and face oils

Unlike creams, which are often made with wax to achieve an occlusive (water-tight) barrier and sit on the surface of the skin, potentially clogging pores, face oils can be absorbed by the skin to moisturize and support the complexion’s own barrier function. But particle size matters, since basic, larger particles, often used in lower quality face oils, will also just sit on the surface of the complexion, which is where the association between face oils and slick, shiny skin comes from. Active Botanical Serum has set new standards for what you can expect from a face oil by combining the nourishing moisture oils are famous for, with the powerful activity and penetration of a serum. Our formula’s low molecular weight and small particle size allows it to sink in instantly, delivering our plant-derived actives deep within the skin’s layers, targeting the root cause of many skin concerns. Only Active Botanical Serum offers this kind of multi-beneficial performance, supporting the complexion’s natural powers of balance and renewal. 

Both dry skin and oily skin need oil

Unlike dehydrated skin, a skin condition in which proper water content is lacking (the hydration of Active Treatment Essence will take care of that), dry skin and oily skin are both considered skin types. Dry complexions produce less of the skin’s natural oils, known as sebum, than normal skin. The amount of sebum produced by the skin begins to naturally diminish over time, making dry skin an issue many experience at one point or another. The oil-based formula of Active Botanical Serum is full of ingredients that replenish moisture loss, imparting a supple texture. Critical phytoceramides (a plant-based ceramide) sourced from ingredients like avocado, grape seed and carrot seed oil, healing phytonutrients and all four omega fatty acids boost moisture levels in parched skin and support a strong barrier, the complexion’s first line of defense against external aggressors, like UV rays and pollution.

Oily skin on the other hand has an excess of sebum, which can lead to clogged pores and breakouts. This is most often due to hormonal changes that send oil glands into overdrive, but sometimes severely dehydrated skin is mistakenly pegged as oily, since in the absence of water the skin compensates by producing additional oil (again, Active Treatment Essence if you go-to for hydration). It may seem counterintuitive to apply face oil to an already oily complexion, but natural oils can actually help regulate sebum production in the skin, and many have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that help to clear up and banish breakouts. Active Botanical Serum includes lavender, tamanu and frankincense oil, which soothe compromised skin and offer antibacterial benefits to help clarify the complexion. Hazelnut oil, another one of our formula’s potent foundation oils, is rich in linoleic acid and tannins, making it a natural, alcohol-free astringent to keep pores clear, combat bacteria and prevent blemishes. Added to these are ancient healers like calendula, dandelion, evening primrose and alfalfa, which work to restore balance, especially beneficial for hormonal skin, as they soothe redness and calm irritation.

Active Botanical Serum, “The face oil to end all face oils”

Formulated with 22 of the world’s most nutrient-rich botanicals, Active Botanical Serum combines the nourishing moisture of a face oil with the powerful performance and penetration of a serum, making it a skin savior that is truly in a class of its own. At the heart of this transformative, luxurious face oil is our signature Phyto Radiance Infusion, a 21-day process which begins with whole plants and, over the course of three weeks, gently infuses their powerful nutrients into our formula. Added to this infusion is our strategic group of botanical and essential oils to amplify performance, effectively address a broad range of skin concerns and restore the complexion’s natural glow. In every drop of this highly concentrated liquid gold, the skin receives 60+ skin-beautifying nutrients like vitamins A, E, and K, magnesium, calcium, an abundance of protective, free-radical fighting antioxidants, phytoceramides, aminos, and omega fatty acids for soothing, balancing, revitalizing moisture, and complete skin nutrition to deliver transformative results to all complexions, regardless of gender, age, tone or type.

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