Miracle Water: Understanding An Essence

Miracle Water: Understanding An Essence

Long considered an essential step in Korean and Japanese skincare regimes, an essence has the power to boost your entire routine to new, extraordinary heights, earning it the name “miracle water.” But the why, how and when of incorporating an essence remain open questions for many, given that the concept of an essence is still somewhat new in America. Read on for everything you need to know about this powerhouse hydrator that visibly improves your complexion, helps you get more from every product you use, and to discover how our category-defining Active Treatment Essence is elevating what an essence can and should deliver to your skin.

What Is An Essence?

Often confused with a toner or a serum, an essence is neither. It is a water-based, hydrating solution which can be fortified with nourishing ingredients. In the case of Active Treatment Essence, this is done through our Phyto Radiance Infusion process. Beginning with 13 of the world’s most nutrient-rich, whole botanicals, our three-week long process allows us to slowly extract the full spectrum of nutrition from these incredible plants, which include superfoods like moringa, acerola, astragalus, and ancient healers like nettle, helichrysum and marshmallow. All of this powerful nourishment is infused into our aqueous base. We elevate the infusion even further by adding a fermented component, our two-week Phyto Ferment, to amplify the nutritional impact. And because our bodies are over 65% water, the aqueous formula of an essence is uniquely able to absorb deep within the skin, delivering nutrients many layers beneath the surface.

What Are The Benefits Of An Essence? 

Maintaining proper hydration and balance within the skin are the primary benefits of an essence, and the ripple effects of this are truly astounding. Maximizing hydration can help prevent breakouts, irritation and the general discomfort that often accompany dehydrated skin, not to mention smoothing out fine lines and reinvigorating a dull complexion. Along with the immediate hydrating and plumping benefits, an essence also functions as a preparation step that helps to amplify the efficacy of subsequent products. When the skin is well hydrated, the actives found in all your skincare can more easily flow between the layers of the skin, reaching the places where they can best work their magic rather than sitting on the surface.

Why Active Treatment Essence?

While almost all essences offer hydration, Active Treatment Essence delivers multiple products in one. In addition to deeply hydrating skin with ingredients like hyaluronic acid, apple pectin and aloe, our unique formula includes natural, micro-exfoliating plant acids and enzymes to gently to reveal a fresh, smooth complexion, plant stem cells and stabilized vitamin C to brighten and reduce the appearance of discoloration, balancing adaptogens, plus a full-suite of B vitamins for skin barrier support and 20+ superfoods like alfalfa, moringa and gotu kola. The result is illuminated, radiant skin that is clearer, smoother, and more even toned. 

When To Use Active Treatment Essence In Your Routine? 

This is your first step after cleansing and is best applied to clean, dry skin. Spray Active Treatment Essence 5 to 7 times directly onto your face, neck and chest. Gently pat and press into the skin for 5-10 seconds. This technique encourages absorption to evenly hydrate the skin. And because Active Treatment Essence delivers a multitude of benefits, it is your essence step, toner, vitamin C serum, hyaluronic acid serum, and micro-exfoliator all in one. We recommend following Active Treatment Essence with Active Botanical Serum, an oil-based moisture step, to seal in and maintain the quenching and transformative hydration of our uniquely powerful “miracle water.” 

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