Feed Your Skin Its Vitamins

Feed Your Skin Its Vitamins

Vitamins are not only good for us, they are something our bodies simply cannot do without. We look for them in foods to maintain a healthy, balanced diet. But they can also feed us, or more specifically our skin, by way of nutrient-rich, plant-based skincare. Discover the key vitamins that unearth and help sustain a restored, radiant complexion.

​​Vitamins are micronutrients we rely on for proper functioning in the body, so it makes sense that adding them to our skincare regimen would help enhance the complexion. And whereas an oral vitamin is quickly distributed throughout the entire body, topical skincare is a targeted form of application, allowing your complexion to reap all of the incredible benefits.

How Vitamins Bolster Healthy Skin

The efficacy of vitamins is found in the long list of varied, game-changing benefits they deliver. Vitamin A has been shown to help smooth and even skin tone, antioxidant vitamin C helps to brighten and support healthy collagen levels, and vitamin B3, also known as niacinamide, is an all-around, radiance-inducing multitasker. And the list goes on and on. It is clear vitamins are non-negotiable for healthy, glowing skin, which is why the formulas for both Active Treatment Essence and Active Botanical Serum are rich in this nutrient content, ensuring the complexion is as well fed and supported as it can be.

Vital Vitamins In Active Treatment Essence & Active Botanical Serum

In addition to having the most beneficial vitamins for skin present in our formulas, we go a step further by focusing on the various nutrient synergies that exist within the skin, especially between vitamins and minerals. For example, vitamin C and the mineral zinc, when used together in the right percentages, have antimicrobial benefits that help to clear up breakouts. Our signature approach to formulation, known as our 21-day Phyto Radiance Infusion, harnessed the nutrients found in our carefully selected whole botanicals in the most optimal ratios, maximizing their efficacy and bioavailability to the skin. And since these nutrients can do so much for the overall health and vibrancy of skin, we developed unique delivery systems for our formulas—low molecular weight in the case of Active Botanical Serum and a readily absorbed, aqueous base for Active Treatment Essence. This allows the skin to easily take advantage of each vitamin-rich ingredient. Below, an A-through-K breakdown of the vital vitamins found in our formulas that hydrate, nourish and help defend skin.

Active Treatment Essence

Featuring a high antioxidant count, vitamin C is known for its brightening and collagen-supporting abilities. Essence contains a stabilized form of vitamin C in clinical percentages active enough to replace a stand-alone vitamin C serum.

A full-suite of B vitamins help to soothe and fortify the skin’s first line of defense. More widely known as niacinamide, vitamin B3 is especially brilliant at everything from reducing redness and the appearance of discoloration, to brightening and fighting breakouts. 

Active Botanical Serum

Delivered as beta carotene and naturally converted into renewing retinol by the body, this vitamin uniquely targets oxidative damage, supporting deep renewal and rejuvenation within skin to brighten, smooth and even skin tone.

Supports natural collagen and elastin within the skin and promotes an overall healthy appearance.

This antioxidant vitamin helps keep skin healthy and works to shield the complexion from free radicals while supporting renewal.

Particularly effective at lessening the appearance of dark circles and evening overall skin tone.

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