How Humectants Boost Hydration

How Humectants Boost Hydration

Humectants are the gold-standard when it comes to hydration—but what are they exactly and what do they do for skin? Get to know this incredible class of ingredients, which includes hyaluronic acid, and discover which humectants are behind the hydrating, skin-plumping abilities of Active Treatment Essence.

What Are Humectants?

Think of humectants as natural hydration magnets. These ingredients help draw water to the top layer of the skin, either from the surrounding air if the humidity level is high enough, or from deeper layers of the skin. This is what gives them their well-earned, skin-plumping reputation. The natural ability of humectants to hold on to water also makes them exceptional at supporting overall hydration retention within the skin for a dewy, smooth effect that lasts.

What Skin Types Do Humectants Benefit?

Humectants are beneficial for all skin, since maintaining hydration is essential for a healthy, well-functioning complexion. Maximizing hydration can also help do away with the breakouts and general discomfort that often accompany dehydrated skin while supporting overall balance. And, even better, when skin is well-hydrated, the actives found in every subsequent product can more easily flow between the layers of the skin, reaching the places where they can have the most benefit rather than sitting on the surface, meaning you get more from every product in your routine.  

What Humectants Are Used In Active Treatment Essence?

To provide optimal hydration to the skin, our multi-tasking Active Treatment Essence is formulated with a number of different humectants, each with its own unique ability to support hydrated, healthy, radiant skin.

Ingredients_Apple Pectin

Arguably the most highly regarded of the humectants for its hydrating abilities, hyaluronic acid is widely considered to be the ultimate skin-plumping plant active.

A plant synonymous with helping to soothe the skin, this hydrating humectant is an excellent source of antioxidants and vitamins.

A vitamin-dense humectant, rich in omegas 3 and 6, which effectively attracts hydration to the skin.

Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) have natural humectant properties. This exfoliating AHA is gentle enough for even sensitive skin, and helps fade the appearance of dark spots to even out tone.

A powerful hydrator that the skin happily drinks up, this humectant works to plump and balance the complexion.

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