Rosehip Oil: Nature’s Moisturizing Multitasker

Rosehip Oil: Nature’s Moisturizing Multitasker

Rosehip oil may be an ingredient that dates back centuries, but the current enthusiasm around this skin savior is extremely justified. It is a multitasking miracle worker, full of so many of the things radiant skin requires, including antioxidants, fatty acids and the essential vitamins that give skin a supple, bouncy, brighter appearance. Discover why this key ingredient in Active Botanical Serum is back in the spotlight and has stood the test of time.  

Not to be confused with rose oil, an essential oil extracted from the flower’s petals, rosehip oil actually comes from the fruit of the rose plant, which grows underneath the petals. Made from the seeds found inside this small, round, fruiting portion of the plant, rosehip oil boasts its own unique benefits for skin. These include powerful renewal within the complexion, restorative and protective properties for compromised skin, boosting brightness and helping fade areas of discoloration. Better yet, studies have shown that this natural oil is beneficial for all skin types.

For Active Botanical Serum, we source our organic rosehip from the Andes mountains in Chile, where it has been grown for centuries for medicinal purposes. These high altitude growing conditions create a strained environment for the rosehip to develop in, which incredibly, results in higher concentrations of its skin-beautifying nutrients. Rosehip’s extraordinary nutrient density is why it's list of glow-inducing benefits is so long. Get to know this game-changing ingredient, one of the 22 powerful botanicals that drive Active Botanical Serum’s transformative results. 

Contains Moisturizing Fatty Acids

Thanks to high percentages of fatty acids, rosehip helps to deeply nourish the skin’s outermost protective barrier, supporting overall skin health. It contains omega-3, known as linolenic acid, and omega-6, or linoleic acid, both of which are recognized as essential fatty acids, meaning the body is unable to produce them on its own. With rosehip’s moisturizing fatty acids in your routine, skin is softer and more dewy, and skin barrier function is improved. 

Offers Retinol-Worthy Renewal

Famous for its regenerative properties, rosehip is an abundant source of vitamin A (as beta carotene), an ultra-critical vitamin for smooth skin that provides a natural skin cell refresh. With this comes a host of renewing benefits, which include supporting natural collagen production, helping to maintain elasticity within the skin, noticeable brightening and fading areas of surface discoloration for more even tone. 

Boosts Your Free-Radical Defenses

Rosehip oil uniquely targets oxidative damage, and provides your skin with an infusion of free-radical fighting antioxidants. This means that as it restores skin, rosehip helps shield your complexion from the fine lines, discoloration, loss of elasticity and inflammation that free radicals can cause. 

Helps Banish Blemishes and Irritation

Incredibly, rosehip oil is also a rich source of antioxidant vitamin E and boasts anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. Taken together, these can be especially beneficial for those prone to irritation or blemishes, as they help to soothe and calm flare-ups, maintain clarity within the complexion, and restore skin to a healthy state.

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